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  Partner and Profit
  The combination of the credit crunch and the bursting of the real estate bubble has resulted in a tremendous opportunity for those who wish to invest in real estate. It is finally again possible to buy a property and have the rental income exceed the monthly expenses.

Of course, you could buy a property and rent it out yourself, but do you have the time, skills or stomach for dealing with the inevitible tenant headaches? Let's face it - not everybody is cut out to be a landlord!

But there is a way that you could take advantage of this rare market condition without having to burn quality time dealing with "tenants and toilets" - by providing the capital to allow us to acquire these bargain properties. Instead of becoming a landlord, you can earn serious returns by becoming a loan lord.

Higher Returns

If you have money that you are keeping out of the market due to stock values dropping.

Monthly Income

Investing with Antler Properties will help you maintain a constant income stream. You will receive interest payment on the 15th of each and every month. Contrast this with a certificate of desposit or bond, where you are forced to wait years before realizing the fruits of your investment.

For example, at 8% interest, an investment of $150,000 will return to you a monthly interest dividend of $1,000.

Tangible Assets

We only purchase properties in Maryland and within a 25 mile radius of our Silver Spring home office. This means that the collateral that secures your investment is a quick drive away. You will be able to verify that your investment is in good condition.


We want our partners to be fully aware of how our business operates - This is not a "smoke and mirrors" investment!

The business model is very conventional - We buy a property at a low enough price so that the rental income will cover all expenses (payments to you, taxes, repairs, etc) plus allow us to earn a healthy cashflow.

When we have an opportunity for you to invest, we will show you all the details - a property condition report, rental income and projected expenses. We will also provide you with the opportunity to review our personal finances, just like any bank would. We are proud of our spotless credit reports and strong assets, and we are confident that you will feel secure with your decision.

  Antler Properties logoAntler Properties, LLC is jointly owned by Tom & Maureen Carrington, and has specialized in purchasing properties for investment & rental purposes for more than 15 years.

    Tom Carrington

Tom Carrington

Educational background:
Our Lady of Good Counsel HS
A.A - Business Administration,
Montgomery College
B.S. - Information Systems,
University Of Maryland

Employed 4 days a week as a computer network engineer supporting a Federal agency, Tom leads Antler Properties during evenings and the remainder of the week.

Maureen Carrington

Maureen Carrington

Educational background:
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
B.S. - Business Administration,
University Of Maryland

Maureen is a licensed mortgage loan orginator has also served the local business community as vice-president of the Wheaton-Kensington Chamber of Commerce.

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